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2012 xmas special by monstaris 2012 xmas special by monstaris
monstaris fanworks presents...
a very clashy xmas!

sonic the hegehog
miles tails prower
princess sally acorn
clash the kudu
tuffles the kudu
a pack of african wilddogs
herio the threspian
diamonz/ havoc the threspian
santa clause & his reindeer
rudolph the (red nosed) reindeer...
dasher, dancer, prancer, vixen, comet, cupid, donner
aaaand blitzen!

it twas the night before xmas and all was calm and quiet around the metropolis, not even havoc was causing a stir....
but not to far away on this delightfully cool and moonlight night, we find our heroes at clash's home, having a snowball fight before they head off for dinner and prepare themselves for another busy and fun filled day!

sonic says as he tosses a snowball towards the snow mound that clash is behind.
clash ducks just in time, but it hits one of his horns instead of his face.
"i gocha' clash!"
he says and strikes a pose.
"er, actually you hit my horn."
clash replies to him as sonic dodges a snowball that herio and diamonz have put some effort into with their energy.
"whoa!!!", but i though i saw it smoosh on his hat!"
sonic continues as sally tries her luck and almost hits him.
"time out!" sally butts in.
"you only just missed him sonic, and we specified that clash's horns are not a fair target, they are to high and give him away more easily compared to all of us."
"aaww, bummer and i though i had him."
sonic says as he fires a round at herio and diamonz.
the two of them are about to fire another snowball,
"jingle" "jingle"
(herio has her sheild up) and gets the thick of that one, but she appears to be distracted by something glittering and twinkling behind a huge snow covered pine tree that is near by.
"ack!" "hey that wasn't fair i got distracted, there's somebody over there"....
herio says as she points in the direction of the odd shape she can see.
"heh, heh hechooo!!! "jingle" "jingle" "honk"
"diamonz notices it too, but herio stops the diamond marked threspian in his tracks and grabs ahold of him before he can run off towards whatever it maybe, and make some unwanted mayhem.
"stay here i'll go and see what it is".....
"princess sally says as she is the closest.
she quietly shuffles over a mound of snow and...
"dang it" "sniff" an unknown voice says.
"awww, guys come and see this".
the princess say out loud to her friends
clash and sonic quietly walk around the tree, while diamonz becomes to hyper and has a small tiffle with herio and they roll around in the snow for the moment...
"looook it's rudolph the red nosed reindeer!"
sally says as the deer comes into their view....
"wha!" "no way, cool!"
sonic says as rudolph sneezes again ....
"heh heh, heeechooo!!!! "honk"
"clash is quiet intreeged by the reindeer and dosen't know what to say.... his magnificent antlers, hovering body and his fancy attire, leave the kudu standing there rather bemoved by the pretty character who stands before them.
"rats, i was hoping you guys wouldn't notice me!"
rudolph says in a croaky and unwell tone.
"you don't look to well"...sally says to him but sonic buts in.
"actually, aren't you supposed to be at the north pole, christmas is gonna begin in several hours!"
sonic says to the unwell reindeer.
"i know, i know, i -i hechooo!!!
poor rudolph sneezes again and spreads it all over sonic's face.
"ewwww gross.... i hope that ain't catchy, cause i don't want a cold too." sonic says and gets his hanky out and cleans up his face.
"sowwy!" "sniff" "honk" rudolph apollogises to him and blow his nose.
"i was near the north pole, and i was hanging out with the ladies." rudolph says with a fancy wink.
"oooohh, i gotcha"
sonic knows just what he was doing.
"but just a few days ago a young reindeer wanted my autograph, while i was in that area."
he adds.
"he looked a bit off colour and he had the sniffles, but i didn't think that,- that per-perhaps he-he hada a-ah aah-chooo!"
"a cold".... "honk" he continues after another sneeze.
"and although i started to feel unwell, i was having so much fun with them, that i totally forgot that i was supposed to be back at santa's headquarters for the big trip ahead.
"i finally decided to leave when my head started to ache... and i thought that i was going was the right way towards the north pole as my nose usually leads the way, but it appears that i have lost my way.
"aaaah ahhh chooo!"
"jingle" "jingle" "honk"
"ohhh, you poor thing."
sally says as the reindeer blows his nose again.
"bummer, we really need you to get back there, rudolph!"
santa's probably worried sick and this could spell disaster for this years xmas for everyone!"
herio and diamonz finally come over to meet him after a bit more of a romps around in the snow....

shall continue on with this asap....

character belong to sega, archie comics & me, sketched up by yours truly... :iconmonstaris: merry christmas everyone!
arielthehedgehog114 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
that's a pretty good story. but what does the "honk" represent? just asking.
monstaris Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
it's a sound effect that i decided to add as rudolph blows his nose.
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